3Brings Down Blood Sugar Levels

Good news for diabetics, especially type 2 diabetes – characterized by elevated blood sugars either from an inability to produce insulin or insulin resistance. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to be a highly promising product for improving insulin sensitivity and also for lowering your blood sugar response after having a meal. One stud even recommends that fermented foods for any food product with organic acids added should be included in the diet for the purpose of reducing glycaemia and insulin demand.

It’s important to know though that elevated blood sugar can also be a problem in non diabetics. It’s thought to be a primary catalyst for aging and various chronic diseases. However, with this in mind, adding apple cider vinegar to your diet may provide a boost to your present overall health.

Word of warning though – if you currently are prescribed medications to lower your blood sugar, we advise you check with your doctor first before increasing your intake of apple cider vinegar.