2Pesticides in Tea

An investigation conducted by CBC News targeted the pesticide levels of the big name tea companies. These included:
– Signal
– King Cole
– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea)
– No Name
– Red Rose
– Twinings
– Tetley
– Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea)

With the assistance of an accredited lab, CBC’s investigators employed the same testing method used by the Food Inspection Agency to test for pesticide residues found on the dry leaves of the tea.

Their investigation found that over fifty percent of all the teas they performed the tests on had residues of pesticides that were above the legally acceptable limit. Eighty percent of the products tests also contained multiple chemicals, and even worse, one brand of tea contained more than 22 different types of pesticides.

A couple of the pesticides that were found, including monocrotophos and endosulfan, are at the moment in the process of being banned by several coutnries due to health risks posed to workers who handle it, as well as the bad impact that their use has on the environment.