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General Electric makes an extended line of ranges, double ovens and cooktops. Electric ranges include a tri-ring burner element, an upper oven with 5.3 cubic feet of cooking space, and an added 1.2-cubic-foot lower oven. Among recent technological additions to their product line are the Trivection system, which combines thermal, convection and microwave heating methods; as well as Advantium wall ovens available in 27-inch and 30-inch models. GE says its Advantium line can perform up to 8 times faster than a regular oven. Gas models also include a PowerBoil burner with 17,000 BTU of output.

GE's History

General Electric traces its roots back to legendary inventor Thomas Edison's New Jersey laboratory in 1876. This, of course, would be where Edison would invent the incandescent electric lamp. By 1890 Edison had woven his separate businesses into a single entity: Edison General Electric Co. In 1892, the company combined with competitor Thomas-Houston Co., dropping the Edison from the name and becoming General Electric Co., as it has remained for more than a century.

Troubleshooting GE Oven Ignitors

Because of GE's long history and wide array of ovens, igniters may vary across models and the procedure for replacing them may also vary, since the body of GE's ovens has evolved over time. Both round and flat igniters may be used, depending on the model, which means it's important to be certain of the model number and style of the igniter before purchasing a new one. An older gas range, model XL44, requires a round, 3 1/2-inch ignitor. To access the igniter in this model, the oven door must be removed, which is a simple procedure because it lifts right off the frame. The bottom panel of the oven box needs to be unscrewed and removed, which will expose the igniter. The lower drawer must also be removed. The two screws that hold the ignitor should be taken out, as should the pair of connectors---one red, one green--that lead to the igniter. The igniter and wires can then be pulled out and the wires cut from on the igniter end. However, the plug end of each wire must be reused, so they shouldn't be cut too short.

Splice the wires to the new igniter with the accompanying wire splice caps. The wires must then be refed through the opening and the ignitor put back in place and screwed in. The two wires can then be plugged back in and the oven floor replaced. The process takes less than an hour. The above general process is what has been described on more recent models as well, though customers have noted those repairs take between 15 and 30 minutes. Igniters made directly from GE include AP2634719, a flat-style igniter that measures 3.7 inches and replaces any flat over igniter, except blue ceramic models. More than 50 ovens made by GE and its business units accept this type of ignitor.

Warranty Information

All GE parts and accessories have a one-year warranty.

General Electric Co.
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
Appliance Service: (800) 848-7620
Parts: (877) 959-8688
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