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Amana has a small line of self-cleaning freestanding gas and electric ovens. The gas ovens come in two sizes (30" and 20") and feature porcelain steel cooking surfaces. Current Amana gas ovens use electronic ignitors rather than pilot lights. When the home user turns the knob to the "LITE" position, it causes a spark which lights the gas. Similarly, when the oven control is turned to a particular temperature, sparking ignites the gas and heats the interior of the oven.

Amana ovens use flat style electronic ignitors, generally about 3" long. Owners of Amana ovens and ranges have reported it taking less than 15 minutes to replace the ignitor and up to 2 hours. Amana is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation.

Amana's History

Amana was founded as Amana Refrigerator, Inc. in 1934, taking its name from its city of origin, Amana, Iowa. Goodman Manufacturing purchased Amana in 1997. In 2001, Goodman sold Amana's major appliance and commercial microwave oven business (known as Amana Appliance) to the Maytag Corporation. Maytag was purchased by the Whirlpool Corporation in 2006.

Amana's Tips for Troubleshooting Oven Igniters

Amana notes that oven ignitors cycle on and off thousands of times per year as they attempt to maintain the temperature within the oven. The company says that three conditions that can shorten the life of your ignitor:

  • Too high or too low voltage
  • Chemical exposure from cleaners or food items
  • Bumps or jolts

If you hear a clicking sound and the burner is not igniting, it may mean that there is not enough gas coming through the burner holes. Burner holes can be cleaned by inserting a straight pin or an opened paper clip into the hole, always making sure the burner is off before beginning. If you have recently cleaned the cooktop, the ignitor may be wet, the burner knobs could be out of place, or the burner caps may be in the wrong spots.

Lastly, Amana advises that in a power outage, gas burners can be lit with a match by holding it above the burner and turning the knob to "LITE.". However, the oven cannot be lit in the same way because the electronic ignitor turns off the gas completely when the power is off.


Most Amana gas ovens come with a one year limited parts and labor warranty. If an ignitor fails within the first year of ownership, it should be covered under the warranty.

Customer Experiences

Here is the story of one customer who had a hard time getting a response from Amana when his oven ignitor shorted and then had trouble understanding the response:

Contacting Amana

Phone: (877) 254-4729

Amana Consumer Affairs
7401 Security Way
Houston, TX 77040
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