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During the 1990s, Sunbeam released a very popular set of grills known as the Grillmaster. Gillmaster gas grills operated off of propane gas. Although Sunbeam no longer manufacturers its popular Grillmaster series, it does make a special grill called the Rocket Grill. Sunbeam claims that the Rocket Grill cooks food three times faster than ordinary methods.

Sunbeam's History

Sunbeam dates back to 1910. Originally based in Chicago, Sunbeam was a leading provider of home appliances, including mixers, coffee makers and toasters for the nearly 100 years. In the mid-1950s, Sunbeam expanded its product line to include sprinklers and other small appliances. During the 1990s, Sunbeam went through financial decline. In 1996, Albert Dunlap changed the trajectory of the company. Under his leadership, Sunbeam began to sell backyard and barbecue grills to a reported $189 million. It was later discovered that this supposed financial surplus was gained by fraudulent means. The company eventually declared bankruptcy and was reorganized as a private company named American Household Inc. (AHI). In 2004, AHI was bought out by Jarden Corp. and is now a subsidiary. The moniker "Sunbeam" remains on the household appliances, due to its recognizability.

Special Features Of Sunbeam Grill Ignitors

There are two types of Sunbeam Grill Ignitors, both made for its Grillmaster gas grills. The first type is known as a push-button ignitor and has a red button for easy identification. The second type is a rotary ignitor, and it fits the knobs of the Grillmaster gas grills.

Customer Experiences

Some customers have reported a faulty ignitor in the 750 Grillmaster, where the ignitor failed to start the grill after the second use. Overall, customers usually receive an average of five years of regular use from the Grillmaster gas grills.

Warranty Information

Although Sunbeam no longer manufactures Grillmaster gas grills, they do maintain their warranty. Should a guaranteed part fail, a customer can bring the grill to a designated service center for repair or replacement.

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