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Brinkmann manufactures six series of gas grills. The series include 2500, 2600, 2630, 6418, All-in-One and Outdoor Cook. All the number series have a one-touch electronic ignitor. One of the most popular Brinkmann grills are the Pro series. This series includes the 9620, 9400 and 9300. The 9620 features a six-burner grill. At 876 square inches, it has the largest grilling surface in the series. Each burner reaches 10,000 BTUs. There's also a side burner that achieves 12,000 BTUs, and a rotisserie burner capable of 14,000 BTUs. The 9400 features four burners with a maximum output of 48,000 BTUs. This grill also features a side burner with 12,000 BTUs. The 9300 has three burners with an output of 45,000 BTUs. It's the most lightweight grill, weighing in at 104 pounds. The 9300 also features an integrated push-button Piezo ignitor.


Brinkmann has been in business since the 1970s. The company is based in Dallas, Texas.

Special Features of Brinkmann Grill Ignitors

Brinkmann Grills feature a push-button ignitor, which is powered by either universal batteries or electric volts. When lighting the main burner, the user should press the ignitor button four to five times. If the grill doesn't turn on, turn off the control knob and wait five minutes before attempting again.

Customer Experiences

In 2005, Brinkmann voluntarily recalled about 130,000 Brinkmann- and Charmglow-brand Gas Grills by Brinkmann. The problem was a faulty regulator, which could potentially cause a propane gas leak. Two customers experienced such incidents, although no one experienced any injury.

Safety Features

Brinkmann warns that if gas can be smelled at any time during operation, the following steps should be taken. First, the gas should be shut off. Second, any open flame should be extinguished. Third, the lid should be opened. If, after a period of time, the gas odor lingers, the user should contact the fire department. If the grill doesn't properly light, the problem may be that either the ignitor's AA batteries need to be replaced or the ignition wires are loose.

Brinkmann's Warranty

Brinkmann offers a one-year limited warranty against defects and damages, but it doesn't cover normal wear and tear. The electric ignitor has a two-year warranty. The stainless steel components carry a lifetime warranty. Receipts are required prior to warranty redemption.

The Brinkmann Corp.
Attn: Customer Service
4215 McEwen Rd.
Dallas, TX 75244
(800) 468-5252
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