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Ignitors have a wide variety of applications in modern gas-fired home appliances. This includes hot surface ignitors for furnaces and boilers, gas oven ignitors, ignitors for gas dryers and even use in gas grills. They typically see a lot of use, and need to be replaced regularly.

Oven Ignitors

The most common type of electronic ignition systems for gas ovens is the "glow coil" or "glow bar" ignitor. Electricity heats the ignitor, and gas flows over the burner and ignites. Read more here if you're interested in the science of how this works. Buy a replacement ignitor for your oven or range, or read more on how to install an oven ignitor.
Gas Grill Ignitors

Gas / propane barbeque grills typically use some form of push-button ignitor for their ignition system. Replacing a grill igniter is a common do-it-yourself task if you own a cheaper grill.
Furnace Ignitors

Silicon Carbide ignitors are widely used to ignite gas and oil furnaces and boilers. You can often replace silicon carbide ignitors with a sturdier Nitride ignitor. Manufacturers typically warrant replacement ignitors for 5 years.

Dryer Ignitors

inside of dryer

Gas dryers can't heat the air in your dryer without a functioning ignitor. Read more on how to replace a dryer ignitor.
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